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  • Marvalhas, Veronica and Matt Dziedzic

    The Marvalhas Back Story

    Veronica and Matt Dziedzic It all began with a family that loves travel.  That and a healthy serving of entrepreneurial spirit! Matt and Veronica Dziedzic are embracing their new adventure with Marvalhas and their growing customer base couldn’t be happier. “Bring me home some of that!” We all love souvenirs from our vacations.  A precious […]

  • Balsamic Vinegar- A Must Have by Marvalhas

    Balsamic- A “Must” Have

    Barrels of Balsamic Vinegar Name a tasty and often-expensive liquid made from grapes.  I’ll give you a minute…  I’ll bet you quickly came up with this answer- “WINE!”  That’s certainly a correct response, so you earn points!  In fact go pour yourself a glass!  However, did you know there’s another delicious grape “juice” that is often more expensive […]

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil By Marvalhas

    Extra Extra

    It seems just about every health expert is touting the wonderful benefits of adding olive oil to your diet. But navigating the minefield of choices in the grocery aisle or on line can be a mystifying experience. You’ll find “100%” Something over here and “Pure” Something Else over there.  There’s “Refined” this and “Light” that.  […]

  • Quinta Verdelhas

    Mankind’s Crush On Olives

    Mankind’s Crush on Olives   It’s a medicine. A fuel. An emollient. A part of the Mediterranean diet, long-heralded for its health benefits. Not to mention, it tastes great! Of course we are talking about that golden elixir, a gift from Mother Nature, known as Olive Oil.     Long before it became a staple […]

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