Veronica and Matt Dziedzic
Veronica and Matt Dziedzic

It all began with a family that loves travel.  That and a healthy serving of entrepreneurial spirit! Matt and Veronica Dziedzic are embracing their new adventure with Marvalhas and their growing customer base couldn’t be happier.

“Bring me home some of that!”

We all love souvenirs from our vacations.  A precious memento reminds us of that trip years down the road.  Unless of course that keepsake is edible!  Matt and Veronica are well traveled with an affection (or is it affliction) for bringing home some of the local flavors of their trips.  Among their first stops of any journey is a grocery store in search of a few regional products. Some of that makes it back home to Chicagoland to share with friends.  These treats can’t be found locally, so invariably Matt and Veronica are asked to bring a bottle of this or a jar of that back next time.

“Obrigado, Portugal!”

Obrigado means thank you in Portuguese.  Marvalhas customers can be thankful that a trip to Portugal inspired Matt and Veronica.  It’s a natural fit.  Veronica has family roots and distant relatives still living there.  A couple of years ago, they decided to take the plunge and create a business showcasing a few of the delicious Portuguese products they enjoy.  Some dedicated scouting around the countryside and marketplace resulted in a carefully-selected line of culinary accompaniments. The Marvalhas brand was born!

Veronica and Matt Dziedzic At CARM Veronica and Matt Dziedzic at CARM

What’s in a name?

Portugal is one of the leading countries in the production of olive oil.  One of the estates in the family’s group of properties is named Marvalhas.  They just so happen to grow the olives used in the production of our line of delicious CARM olive oils.  Even though in their native tongue the Portuguese pronounce it differently, the name looks and sounds close enough to “Marvelous” so the moniker works perfectly.  Most of the Marvalhas line is sourced directly from Portugal with the notable exception of the Traditional and White Balsamic Vinegars from Italy.

Birth of a Business

It’s fair to say Matt and Veronica are a successful couple.  For more than 30 years they owned and operated a highly-respected tree-care business in Chicagoland. Their children are now through college and are a source of pride for mom and dad. When they sold their business a few years ago, Veronica became bored. For a woman with unending drive that simply wouldn’t do. Veronica sought a new outlet for her creative juices, which turns out to be the juice of olives and grapes!

Hands on!

Matt and Veronica understand the only way to create a successful enterprise is to get your hands dirty.  That’s why in any given week you might see Matt handing out samples at local grocery stores while Veronica maintains an aggressive schedule showcasing the Marvalhas line at area Farmers’ Markets.  Matt and Veronica also devote plenty of effort spreading the word about these delicious and nutritious products on-line and via social media.

Have a Marvalhas Holiday

This is the perfect time to try the Marvalhas brand!  Take advantage of the free shipping* on the products Matt and Veronica proudly stand behind.  Their discriminating palates and dedication to customer service mean you can shop with confidence!  It’s almost like Matt and Veronica brought back something special just for you!

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