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Quinta Do Côa Estate


This property comprises all the properties owned by CARM from Almendra to the banks of the River Côa, with schistous soils at a height of between 130 metres and 300 metres, mainly facing east and south.

Of a total of 76 hectares, there are 11 hectares of vineyards, 8 hectares of which are old vines, planted in the seventies, and about 3 hectares are selected clones of Touriga Nacional, planted in 1995.

There are also 22 hectares of olive groves and 21 hectares of almond groves.

This Quinta is to be found in the area designated as a World Heritage Site, where the paleolithic rock carvings in the valley of the Côa, a tributary of the Douro, reveal a flourishing culture which goes back 25,000 years.

The wines, oil and almonds produced here benefit from being within this privileged region, where the ancient methods of agriculture are now allied to the best of modern technology.

Quinta Do Côa Estate