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<strong>'ZING ZANG'</strong>



And now for some fun ! Just Add your favorite vodka and ice. We didn’t add vodka to this pack because everyone has their own favorite, but we have have done a Marvalhas job of everything else. Grab one of the drink jars with handle, a 16 oz adult beverage classic, wet the rim with a cut lemon or lime, cover moist rim with the contents of the Rim Dressing vial, skewer CARM Stoned olives … ah … go ahead, skewer multiple olives, fill glass with Zing Zang, a Chicago home town favorite, dunk your skewer, Just add your favorite vodka and ice. Nothing more needs to be said.

‘Zing Zang’ Gift Set includes: 2 16 oz. drink jars, Marvarlhas Rim Dressing, Carm Stoned Olives , skewers and a bottle of Zing Znag Bloody Mary Mix