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Olive oil from a Single Estate is Unusual. Most olive oil bottles boast their contents are from half a dozen different countries. While our Quinta do Côa is simply made from olives grown on a parcel of land, between the tiny Portuguese Village of Almendra and the River Côa. Silky and nutty, Côa adds a Little Something Extra to roasted veggies or rice dishes. White Balsamic is somewhat of a Novelty, a vinegar with which many people are not familiar. Looks like honey, pours like honey, tastes like honey with a vinegar finish. Try a little on grilled peaches added to your favorite crisp salad for a little twist. Then there are the Stoned olives, nestled in our families olive oil. Great tossed into a steaming bowl of pasta or speared on a toothpick. Our Unusually Novel Gift Set is really Marvalhas !

‘Unusually Novel’ Gift Set includes: Quinta Do Côa Olive Oil, Marvalhas White Balsamic Vinegar and Carm Stoned Olives