Recently there has been much in the press about olive oil producers trying to pass off their lower grade olive oils, as higher quality ! Shame, Shame … Our Single Estate Olive Oil collection, stars only Cold Pressed, Extra Virgin olive oil, obtained from olives grown at our Quinta (Estate) do Bispado and Quinta do Côa. Ah, Bispado, silky with a little peppery bite, is enjoyed as an addition to gravies, soups, stews, as well as, spaghetti sauces. And if being from an Estate wasn’t enough, our Bispado has nabbed a Silver Medal from the prestigous LosAngles International Olive Oil Competition ! Our Côa, smooth, with a nutty finish, greatly enhances roasted veggies and rice dishes. Côa also sports the International designation as being Organic ! Along with the oils, enjoy whole olives, directly from the jar, sourced from within our 7 Estates, either Stoned (without the pit), or Pickled, begging to accompany a variety of cheeses and cured meats. As a bonus, there is a jar of Green Olives blended with our families olive oil into a Paté, suited for use as an horsedurve on bits of fresh bread or substitution for mayo, on your favorite sandwich.

‘Nothing But Olives’ Gift Set includes:  Carm Stoned & Pickled Olives, Carm Green Olive Paté, and Quinta Do Bispado and Quinta Do Côa Olive Oils